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Australias New Hi Tech Passport The Future of Travel

Shocking Hidden Details In The New Australian Passports

In case you haven’t heard, Australia has updated its passport and added some new features. This includes security details and different hidden images portraying the country’s amazing landscapes.

That’s right; Australia has apparently gotten a bit creative with its new passports

The new R series passport that the Australian Passport Office has begun distributing includes the work of several indigenous artists and images of the country’s most famous landscapes as well as native species.

Plus, the new passports have been designed with advanced security features to keep people from making duplicates and engaging in illegal activities like identity theft.

Furthermore, the front and back cover pages of the newly issued passports depict the coasts of Australia, but that’s not all. The visa pages have illustrations of 17 Australian landscapes, enabling the passport holders to visualise them through pictorial representation.

The images of the landscapes also serve as a security feature, as the sky in every image turns into a nightscape when exposed to ultraviolet light and shows a hidden picture of native fauna. This is what makes every passport unique and equally secure.

In addition to this, the Australian Passport Office confirmed that the photo page is manufactured from tough, layered plastic to promote high security.

The plastic or polycarbonate used in the photo page has laser engraving instead of ink printing. The photos will now be in black and white.

Lastly, the security features page has a wattle design that changes colour when exposed to ultraviolet light from different angles. Upon exposure, all the blue elements on the photo page turn red, and a white wattle shows up on the inside front cover.

You may visit the Department of Home Affairs website to read more information.

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