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No IELTS and No Fee VISA 482 Australian Immigration vs 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Let’s Help You Differentiate Between a 482 and a 186 visa From Australia

Today we’ll be focusing on understanding the major differences between the 482 and 186 visas offered by Australia.

The 482 Visa refers to a temporary work visa, allowing holders to seek employment in a skilled position in Australia and continue working there for a maximum of 4 years. It is also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. Workers with sponsorships from an Australian employer are eligible for this visa. Plus, they need to have a relevant set of skills and experience required to look for a specific job in the Australian labour market.

On the other hand, the 186 visa is a permanent work visa, allowing its holders to continue employment and live in Australia on a permanent basis. This visa is also referred to as the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa. Again, workers with the right set of skills and experience, along with sponsorships from an Australian employer can apply for this visa.

Major Differences Between The 482 And 186 Visa

The first major difference between the two visa types relates to their duration. The 482 visa holders can continue working in Australia for up to 4 years. In contrast, the 186 visa holders can keep living and working in Australia permanently.

Next, we have the eligibility criteria for both visas. Applicants for the 482 visa must have a sponsorship from an Australian employer, and they need to possess the skills and experience required to go for a job in the Australian labour market.

As far as the eligibility of the 186 visa is concerned, applicants should either have a nomination from an Australian employer or they should be working in Australia for 3 years while holding the 482 visa.

Third, we have the pathway to permanent residency offered by the two visas. While the 186 visa makes holders directly eligible for permanent residency, the 482 visa is not the same. However, anyone holding a 482 visa for 3 years becomes eligible for the 186 visa.

Which Of The Two Visas Should You Apply For?

It is safe to say that the 482 visa is a better option for those willing to work in Australia temporarily. Similarly, anyone interested in working and living in Australia on a permanent basis should opt for the 186 visa.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal visa requirements and circumstances.

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