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Alert! New Rules for Australian Student Visas Must Know Changes for Temporary Graduate Visa Holders!

New Rules for Australian Student Visas: Key Changes for Temporary Graduate Visa Holders

In today’s blog we’ll talk about Australia banning International students from filing visa applications from within the country to end ‘visa hopping’.

Temporary Graduate Visa Holders and their Offshore Application Requirement

Starting July 1, 2024, Temporary Graduate visa holders (subclass 485) will no longer be able to apply for an Australian Student visa while in Australia. This new regulation requires that Student visa applications must be lodged from offshore (outside of Australia).

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Impacted Visa Categories

In addition to Temporary Graduate visa holders, other visa holders such as those on Visitor visas (subclass 600), Electronic Travel Authority visas (subclass 601), Medical Treatment visas (subclass 602), eVisitor visas (subclass 651), and Maritime Crew visas (subclass 988) are also affected. They must apply for a Student visa from outside Australia. However, applications submitted before July 1, 2024, will still be processed.

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Encouraging Permanent Residency Over ‘Permanent Temporariness’

The Australian government aims to reduce the trend of ‘permanent temporariness,’ where individuals extend their stay through multiple visa applications without achieving permanent residency. Instead, temporary graduates are encouraged to seek skilled jobs that might lead to employer-sponsored visas or permanent residency.

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Additional Changes for Temporary Graduate Visas

Alongside the new student visa rules, other changes for Temporary Graduate visa holders include shorter post-study work rights, reduced age limits from 50 to 35 years, and increased English language requirements.

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Offshore Application Process

While Student visa applications must be lodged offshore, applicants can travel to Australia and wait for the outcome if they hold or are granted a visa that permits entry and stay. Note that offshore Student visa applicants will not be eligible for a Bridging visa to remain in Australia during the application process.


Study Limitations on Visitor Visas

Visitor visa holders can continue to study in Australia for up to three months. Those intending to study longer must apply for a Student visa outside Australia.

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These changes are designed to ensure that individuals have a genuine intention to pursue studies in Australia and to prevent visa hopping. By encouraging temporary graduates to pursue permanent residency pathways or depart Australia, the government aims to address the issue of ‘permanent temporariness’ and streamline the visa process.

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