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Launch Of New Investor Migrant Visa

Launch Of New Investor Migrant Visa

The launch of the new Active Investor Plus Visa Category was developed to appeal to high-value investors and is remarked as one of the greatest achievements of the Government’s Immigration Rebalance strategy, announced by Economic Development Minister Stuart Nash and Immigration Minister Michael Wood.

Michael Wood stated that the New Active Investor Plus visa would be a substitute for the former investor visa categories, which often caused the change of investments into passive assets, which included direct investments for companies in New Zealand rather than bonds. This shows a missed opportunity to promote investment that offers actual benefit to the country.

Why You Should Apply For Investor Migrant Visa

This new introduction of the visa is to boost active investments in New Zealand and give rise to more highly skilled job opportunities with the increased economic growth as compared to passive investment.

It will be a great chance to enhance skills, experience, and connections with other migrant workers, granting access to global networks and markets that will help companies grow in a more advanced way.

What Are The Requirements For An Investor Migrant Visa?

It will create more ways for New Zealand to have a long-term relationship with investors; helping in the rise of the economy, productivity, and opportunities with the help of investors’ expertise and experience, bringing it to work on the ground.

Regarding the Active Investor Plus Visa Category,  applicants with an admissible direct investment of a minimum of $5 million dollars will be eligible to apply for this new visa. The minimal amount required for all indirect investment funds will be around $15 million. Those with the highest direct investments will be receiving the highest weighting, while those with less direct investments will be needing to invest more capital in the business. The minimum amount needed would be $15 million if all funds are set in indirect investments

This new visa will provide more flexibility for investors as they will be able to invest over a three years period of time to maintain the level of their investments in the next four years. During this 3-year investment period, investments will have to stay for at least 117 days, or once a month every year. The time duration of stay has been increased to 88 days from the last category in order to give the investors more interaction with other local companies, helping them grow more gradually.

According to Michael Wood, staying in New Zealand will increase the chances of opportunities for investors to get involved with their invested businesses more and more. Also, spending more time can help in the increment of further active investment.

The Active Investor Plus Visa Category is definitely a big win for businesses in New Zealand and especially for migrant investors as well. Investors will get a chance to invest in groundbreaking and advanced businesses. Businesses will be getting an advantage from the human capital, market connections, and global knowledge of these investors from all around the world. It’s a win-win for both sides.

According to Stuart Nash, this will make New Zealand more competitive in the international marketplace and take businesses to the next level.

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