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Big News Regarding Australia Asylum Seekers And Refugees Australian Immigration System

Millions To Be Spent On Controversial Empty Refugee Hub

The latest news states that Australia will keep offering monetary funding for its controversial offshore detention processing center in Nauru. This is surprising as the rest of the refugees at the facility are leaving. Australia is trying its best to prevent human traffickers from sending boats to the country.



The Australian government is expected to provide monetary support of up to A$350 million a year to the facility.



Following this news, a Department of Home Affairs spokesperson highlighted the government’s commitment to the ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ policy of Australia. The center remains open to receive and process new unauthorized boat arrivals. The spokesperson also added that a lack of population in Nauru doesn’t affect the regional processing policy of Australia.

Immigration has always been a sensitive issue in Australia, a country popular for introducing strict policies since Prime Minister John Howard’s tenure in 2001. Interestingly, the authorities have been sending thousands of asylum seekers to offshore detention centers on Manus Island and the Pacific country of Nauru, detaining them there for years now.

The United Nations condemned Australia’s tough stance, calling the policy illegal and arbitrary.

This issue sprung up again last year, resulting in a countrywide campaign to permit an ethnic Tamil family stuck in immigration limbo for three years to go back to their Queensland community after getting removed from Australia unexpectedly.

The family was allowed to live in the community on bridging visas until their claim got assessed.

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