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AUSTRALIA Unsafe for Migrant Workers

International Workers In Australia Are Not Safe

Advocates are calling for prompt action after a report confirmed that many migrant workers face abuse and discrimination.

According to research, the majority of international workers in Australia go through bullying, verbal abuse, and discrimination, leaving them feeling unsafe at work. It was also revealed that 58% of workers become victims of wage theft.

During a survey, the Migrant Workers Centre questioned over 1,000 international workers in Australia to learn about their experiences with the migration system and the job market. The findings disclosed that a lot of migrant workers faced discrimination while applying for a job due to their visa status, even though they have work rights. This ultimately exposed migrants to exploitative employers and insecurity in workplaces.

Furthermore, many workers felt unsafe at work because of job insecurity. Don’t forget that 59% of workers in unreliable employment feared for their job most of the time.

In addition to this, only 26% of people who experienced wage theft were able to regain their stolen wages. In case you are wondering, workers considered practices like low pay scales, insufficient payments for overtime or weekends, and unpaid trial shifts as wage theft.

The chief executive of the Migrant Workers Centre believes the report confirmed that temporary work visas expose holders to unsafe workplaces.

What’s interesting to note here is that the report exposed how many businesses treated permanent residency as a legal requirement for securing a job in Australia when it is not necessary. Plus, the process for prospective employers to recognize workers’ experience and skills often had complications.

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