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USA Immigration News

Immigration News Weekly Recap: March 22, 2024

In this blog, we bring you this week’s must-know US immigration updates. Here’s a quick view of the week.

Appeals Court Blocks Controversial Texas Migrant Law

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A controversial Texas immigration law was blocked by a federal appeals court in response to this week’s Supreme Court ruling. The affected law enabled state officials to arrest and detain suspected illegal migrants in the country.

Besides the Biden administration claiming this rule as a federal immigration authority’s violation, an ultimate rule by a divided Supreme Court enabled Texas to implement the new law earlier this week.

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Most Student Visas Were Granted To Indian Students in 2023

A grant of 130,839 F-1 student visas only to Indian students in 2023 marks a 14% hike from the last year. Compared to students from any other country, this year is also the second in a row to grant more student visas to Indian students.

There was a notable hike in the number of F-1 visas issued in 2023, reaching almost 446,000 in total, depicting the most significant number of student visas granted in a year since 2016.

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Biden Administration’s Rigid Stance On Asylum Screening Process

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently published data representing the elevated asylum screening interviews and rejections at the U.S.-Mexico border last year. This contributed to the rigid stance taken by the Biden administration on border security.

From last May to February, DHS officials conducted over 115,000 credible fear interviews of asylum seekers. Yet, stricter asylum policies could not keep up with the ongoing migrant influx into the country during the same period. A DHS official said they are maxing out the system, but it hasn’t kept pace with the rise.
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Migrants Will Now Face New Facial Recognition Rule On US Airports

A new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policy requires migrants without passports to face facial recognition during airport security when boarding domestic flights in the US.

The date for the policy’s implementation is still unclear. Immigrant advocacy groups stated that this change is causing confusion among migrants taking flights for immigration court hearings. Some migrants are reportedly being denied boarding by the TSA due to a mismatch of their identity and previous immigration records.

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