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How to get PR in Australia without IELTS?

Get Australian PR Without IELTS

Those who want to acquire permanent residency in Australia must understand that proficiency in English is a major requirement because it is an English-speaking country. IELTS, also known as the International English Language Testing System, is a globally recognized testing format used to check a candidate’s proficiency in English. In IELTS, candidates are given test certificates with scores they managed to secure.

Although, the main question that arises is if it is possible to go for Australian immigration without IELTS.

Can people get permanent residency in Australia without IELTS?

Alternatives To IELTS For Australian PR

In case someone does not want to take the IELTS test, they have other options. Let’s take a look at the list of English Language Testing systems that Australia accepts;

  • Pearson Test of English or PTE Academic
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-Based Test or TOEFL iBT
  • International English Language Testing System Occupational English Test or OET
  • Cambridge English, which is an advanced CAE test, also known as Certificate in Advanced English.​

You can choose to take any of the tests mentioned above, secure the required score, and go for an Australian PR visa.

Is it possible for an applicant to acquire Australian PR without giving proof of proficiency in English?

Skilled professionals interested in obtaining Australian PR and seeking employment afterward must prove their proficiency in English by taking any of the tests accepted by Australia.

Although, there are a few visa or immigration categories for which you do not need to prove your proficiency in English. Let’s discuss more;

Sponsored Visa

If an Australian citizen or permanent resident sponsors you as their family member, you no longer need to prove your proficiency in English.

Dependent Children Of Primary Applicants

The dependents of the primary applicant of Australian PR do not need to prove their proficiency in English by taking a test. However, it should be noted that the dependents of the primary applicant need to be below the age of 18.

Spouse Of Primary Applicants

The spouse of the primary applicant of Australian PR does not require an English proficiency test score.

To sum it up, primary applicants applying for a Skilled PR Visa need to take IELTS or other English tests to prove their proficiency. On the other hand, those with sponsorship from an Australian citizen or permanent resident do not need to take any sort of English test. The same goes for the spouse, dependent children, and parents of primary applicants included in the Australian PR application.

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