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Australia To Halve Immigration Intake in 2 Years Australia Immigration News

Australia To Halve Immigration Intake in 2 Years

In order to address the observed shortcomings in Australia’s immigration system, the government has decided to lower the annual intake to 250,000, which will bring it back to levels prior to the pandemic by June 2025.

A new 10-year immigration strategy was unveiled by Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil, who criticized the previous administration for leaving the immigration system “in tatters.”

The newly introduced measures include the following:

  • Enhanced minimum English-language requirements for international students
  • Increased scrutiny of applicants for second visa

Student applicants must show that pursuing further studies would significantly contribute to their academic or career goals.


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To ease the strain that record migration levels are placing on housing and infrastructure, tighter visa requirements will also apply to low-skilled workers and international students.

By implementing these measures, the government hopes to reduce the annual intake by roughly 50% and bring migration numbers under control.

However, the changes will improve the pathways for visas for immigrants who possess specialized or essential skills, such as highly skilled tech workers or care workers, providing them with better opportunities for permanent residency.

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Minister O’Neill claims that these measures will reduce the risk of exploitation for individuals living, working, and studying in Australia while attracting the necessary labor force.

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