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Australian Visa Scandal: Woman Loses $1.5 Million To A Scam

A new Australian visa scandal has come to light. A woman lost over a million dollars to an immigration scam while trying to get her hands on an Australian visa.



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Three people have been apprehended for allegedly stealing over a million dollars from a woman through an immigration scam in the lower north shore of Sydney.

The investigation began when New South Wales Police got reports in 2021 of a 46-year-old woman losing $1.5 million to an immigration firm based in Chatswood.

Allegedly, the police report states that the woman hired and paid the scammer to secure Australian citizenship for her and her family in 2017.

A statement from the Police said that the scammers transferred the $1.5 million to their bank accounts. Plus, they were forging various documents, including citizenship documents.

Interestingly, the woman was also charged with three counts of utilizing forged documentation to gain a financial edge, two counts of taking part in criminal activity, and two counts of acquiring property by deception.



She was also charged for knowingly indulging in fraudulent activities.

Strict conditional bail was given to the pair, and they will be presented before Hornsby Local Court on 14 June.

Investigations into this Australian visa scandal are currently in progress.

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