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Australian Government will replace its Controversial Australian Immigration Rules ~ June 2024

Australian Government will replace its Controversial Immigration Rules.

In today’s blog update, we’ll be doing an Introduction of Direction 110 Visa

The Australian government has announced a significant change in its immigration policy with the introduction of Direction 110 Visa. This new directive aims to prioritize community safety during visa review and cancellation processes. Here’s an overview of the changes and what they mean for visa applicants and holders.

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Key Changes Under Direction 110 Visa

Prioritizing Community Safety

Under Direction 110, the safety of the Australian community has been placed at the forefront. This means that any visa applicant or holder who poses a risk to the community may face stricter scrutiny and potential visa cancellation.

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The Second change, Impact on Family Violence Cases

A crucial aspect of Direction 110 is its focus on family violence. The directive emphasizes the government’s zero-tolerance approach to domestic and family violence, ensuring that the impact on victims is a primary consideration in visa decisions.

Assessment Criteria for Visa Applicants

Direction 110 outlines several primary considerations for decision-makers, including:

  • The protection of the Australian community from criminal or serious conduct
  • Whether the conduct involved family violence
  • The strength, nature, and duration of a person’s ties to Australia
  • The best interests of minor children in Australia
  • The expectations of the Australian community

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Revised Tolerance Levels

Unlike Direction 99, which generally afforded a higher level of tolerance for non-citizens who have lived in Australia for most of their lives, Direction 110 states that tolerance “may” be provided. This shift underscores a more stringent approach to visa reviews.

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Opposition and International Reactions

Criticism from the Opposition

Opposition leader Peter Dutton has criticized the government, claiming that Direction 99 made Australia less safe and expressing doubts about the effectiveness of Direction 110. He urged the government to ensure better outcomes for community safety.

New Zealand’s Response

New Zealand has expressed concerns about the deportation of individuals with minimal ties to their country. Prime Minister Christopher Luxon highlighted the importance of a common-sense approach to deportations, ensuring that those who grew up in Australia are treated fairly.

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The introduction of Direction 110 marks a pivotal change in Australia’s immigration policy, with a clear emphasis on community safety and zero tolerance for family violence. As this directive takes effect, its impact on visa applicants and holders will be closely monitored by both domestic and international observers.

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