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Australia Student Visa Suspended

Australia Suspends Student Visas

It seems that Indian agents have requested that Australian universities reconsider their decision to revoke recruitment from North Indian regions, labelling it as discrimination.

According to the President of the Association of Australian Education Representatives in India (AAERI), Ravi Lochan Singh, nearly 12 universities have stopped selecting students from Haryana and Punjab states.

Meanwhile, Edith Cowan University has claimed that the decision was made in light of an increased number of visa refusals from those regions. Plus, there were also concerns about the academic progress of the students.

AAERI recently sent a letter to Australia’s education minister stating that the sudden decision would discourage prospective students from the North Indian regions since they are now ineligible to apply.

The entity further added that making baseless assumptions and deeming all students from Haryana and Punjab as high-risk is discriminatory and unfair.

The letter also said that constantly labelling different regions as Red Zones and suggesting agents avoid enrolling students from such areas is highly biased. It also impacts the interest of good students from those regions who are genuinely interested in pursuing education in Australia.

Apart from demotivating prospective students, such decisions could also affect the reputation of Australian education within the Indian student community.

On the other hand, Universities Australia acting chief executive, Peter Chesworth, has claimed that Australian universities act according to the intelligence forwarded by the Department of Home Affairs while being in the loop with the government about visa processing and other matters.

The authorities believe that the industry is dedicated to processing every visa application thoroughly to keep the integrity of their systems intact.

Don’t forget that this decision comes when India and Australia are in the midst of strengthening their ties through a new qualification recognition agreement to streamline student mobility between the two nations. Moreover, Deakin University has also publicized its plans to develop a new campus in the country.

As per the data provided by Home Affairs, the student permit grant rate for Indian students outside Australia in the higher education sector was 81% in January 2023.

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