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November 12, 2022

Australia Student Visa 2023 Intake Update

Importance Of International Students For Australia

In Australia, International students have been a vital resource for the increase in the education sector.

No university in Australia would be able to function the entire system without the revenue generated from international students.

Before the pandemic in 2019, the total revenue generated from international students was up to A$10 billion, across the entire university sector.

However, this has been more focused in most of the institutes and education sectors. Among them, the most benefit availed from these resources was from the top most prestigious universities in Australia.

The top prestigious universities known as the ‘’ Group of Eight Universities’’ includes Australia’s 8 leading universities that account for getting more than half of the total revenue from international students.

More prestige, favourable location, and much greater and better resources are all the reasons for high revenue in all the top leading universities of Sydney, Melbourne, and Queensland.

For the most common course of any business degree, International students are being charged around $50,000 annually by the Group of Eight Universities. Compared with other universities in Australia, they are being charged double here for the same course.

However, local students will be charged only $15,600 for the same course at the top universities.

The revenue generated from international students is massive. In the recent budget the Albanese government announced $485 in overall four years for up to 20,000 extra places for the local students. Four years before the pandemic, other universities increased their revenue from International Students by $4.6 billion. However, the Group of Eight universities accounted for at least half of the increase.

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