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New Aussie Visa & State Sponsorship Updates!

Australia State Sponsorship Updates & Introducing the New Workplace Justice Visa!

Welcome back to another blog update by Visa and Immigration Updates. Today’s blog update is about Australian State Sponsorship allocations; Arrival of a new Visa and much more. So read the full blog till the end so you don’t miss any important updates.

The latest Australia immigration news brings updates on the state and territory quotas for the 190 and 491 visas. Queensland has seen a significant reduction, receiving only 600 slots for each visa. Conversely, the Northern Territory’s allocation has nearly doubled, reflecting its intent to attract more international students.

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ACT and South Australia Visa Allocations

The ACT has been allocated 1,800 visas, split evenly between the 190 and 491 visas. South Australia is set to receive an additional 1,900 places, bringing its total to 3,200, which are also divided equally between the two visa types.

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Western Australia Leads in Visa Increases

Western Australia stands out with the highest increase, securing 5,000 places for both the 190 and 491 visas. This surge nearly matches its previous financial year’s figures, positioning it as a top destination for immigrants.

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New Visa Stream: Workplace Justice Visa

In the latest Australia immigration news, a new Workplace Justice Visa was quietly introduced. This visa allows temporary visa holders to remain in Australia while pursuing legal action against their employers. Though details are sparse, it represents a significant step in protecting workers’ rights.

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Student Visa Fee Hike Sparks Controversy

The recent hike in Australian student visa fees has caused an uproar. The fee has skyrocketed from $710 to $1,600, making it the highest globally. This increase is intended to fund various educational initiatives but has left many international students reconsidering Australia as a study destination.

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Increasing TR Processing Times

The processing times for Temporary Resident (TR) visas continue to rise, creating potential disasters for applicants. Delays in skill assessments are now exceeding 20 months, putting graduates at risk of visa expiration before securing permanent residency.


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