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Australia Relaxes Visa Rules To Overcome Labour Shortages

Australia Relaxes Rules To Overcome Labour Shortages

In the Australian government’s 2022-23 Migration Program planning levels, which was announced in August, the government raised quotas for several skilled visa types.

They announced they intend to issue 109,900 skilled Australian visas this year. In particular, state-nominated visas are proving to be a high priority.

According to the OECD, Australia has the world’s second most drastic labour and skills shortage, second only to Canada.

Data released in July by the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that there were as many job vacancies as unemployed individuals in the country.

In order to correct this and ease the labour shortage, Australia has improved the quotas for a number of skilled visa categories.

The most desired among these is the points-based Skilled Independent visa . This visa allows the holder to live and work in any region of Australia.

The State Nominated (subclass 190) visa permits you Australian permanent residency from the moment you arrive in the country.

You will be required to live and work in the state that nominated you for a minimum of two years. After that, you can move to wherever you desire.

The Regional State Nominated (subclass 491) is a temporary visa with a straightforward pathway to permanent residency and some advantages that other temporary Australian visas don’t present, such as full access to Medicare.

You will be required to live and work for three years in the region that nominated you and earn a taxable income above AUD 53,000 for each of those years to be qualified for permanent residency.

For skilled visa eligibility, you would require the following:

  • You must be below the age of 45
  • Nominate an occupation on the relevant skills list
  • Undergo a skills assessment
  • Satisfy the English language requirements
  • Have good health and character
  • Reach the legislated points score (granted for factors like age, experience and education).

What Documents Are Required?

  • Results of English language test
  • Documents of Skills assessment
  • Academic qualifications
  • Employment experiences and references
  • Sponsorship documents (if required for your visa type)
  • Tax documents, payslips, etc.
  • Identification documents and passport photos of you, your partner and your dependents
  • You, your partner, and your dependents’ personal documents (This could include unabridged birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, copies of adoption papers, or death certificates).
  • Character documents like police clearance certificates from the countries you stayed for 12 months or more during the past 10 years since you turned 16.

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