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May 11, 2023

Australia Concerned Over Education Scams By International Students

It is no secret many international students prefer to study in Australia because it has an incredible education system and offers a better standard of living. But is that it?



According to recent news, the student visa subclass 500 has been subject to scams by many international students. Reports suggest many overseas students, mainly belonging to India, have recently obtained a student visa subclass 500 by submitting fraudulent documentation or enrolling in a relevant course just to obtain a pathway to permanent residence in Australia. It should be noted that a student visa holder can downgrade their course at any time after coming to Australia to retain minimal study requirements allowing them to seek employment. Needless to say, it is easy for visa holders living in Australia to go for permanent residence.



Interestingly, this is nothing new. However, before COVID this happened nearly 10% of the time, but now it has surged to 70%. Of course, the higher education sector and the Australian government are highly worried about how such fraudulent activities will affect the integrity of the country’s immigration system. A parliamentary enquiry into international education was scheduled for mid-April.

Yes, there’s a lot of negativity around Australian student visas, but they have numerous benefits for international students and Australia when utilized appropriately.

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