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3 New Residence Categories Announced By The Government

In today’s Blog update, we discuss the introduction of three new residence categories.

The government revealed three new residence categories to attract migrants for specific highly skilled and difficult-to-fill occupations.

These Three New Applications Will Include The Following:

The category for Straight to Residence;

The category for Work to Residence;

The category for Highly Paid

The Work to Residence and Straight to Residence categories will be assigned to foreign citizens hired for Green List professions. Employers will be permitted to complete a Job Check for the Accredited Employer Work Visa without evidence of advertising the job position, as long as the employee satisfies the minimum conditions required for the role. The Highly Paid resident visa will be assigned to individuals earning double the median wage in New Zealand.

Supplementary qualification requirements for the Work to Residence and Highly Paid pathways contain confirming a total working period of 24 months in New Zealand. The 24-month period will be applicable to workers who worked from 29 September 2021 onward. This will permit individuals who do not fulfil the qualification conditions of the 2021 Resident Visa to apply via either of the two new pathways.

These New Residence Categories Will Be Available For Qualified Employees On The Following Dates:

Straight to Residence available from 5 September 2022

Work to Residence available from 29 September 2023

Highly Paid available from 29 September 2023

For more information on these three new categories’ qualification requirements, click on the link in the description box below.

The Skilled Migrant resident category will be unavailable to applicants while the government acts to improve these three new residence categories.

The New Zealand government is expected to release additional information on qualification requirements for these three new resident categories shortly. The Straight to Residence category will be available for applications in early September 2022.

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