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Australian Immigration News 1st of June TSMIT to Increase 485 Visa Age Cap 2024 Updates

Updates to the 485 Visa and TSMIT

In today’s Australian Immigration News of 3rd June 2024. We’ll take a look at the TSMIT Increase and 485 Visa Age Cap win, but not far enough.

New Age Cap Extension for 485 Visa Holders

In a significant update for international students in Australia, the government has introduced an age cap extension for PhD and Masters by research students applying for the 485 Visa’s new Post Higher Education Work Stream. Starting July 1, these individuals can now apply up until the age of 50. This change was quietly added to the Department of Home Affairs’ website, reflecting a direct response to advocacy and pressure from the student community. However, this extension does not yet cover Masters by coursework, Bachelor, and Vocational students, leaving many still in distress over policies they find unfair.

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TSMIT Increase Impacting Employer Sponsorship Visas

In other news, starting from July 1, the Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) will see an increase to $73,500. This adjustment affects all employer sponsorship nominations, ensuring that the minimum income level for such nominations aligns with the new threshold. It’s important to note that nominations lodged before July 1 will still be assessed under the current level of $70,000. This systematic increase follows last year’s policy announcement and is part of a broader strategy to ensure competitive compensation for skilled migrants in Australia.

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485 Visa Advocacy and Ongoing Challenges

Despite the positive changes for some, many international students continue to feel overlooked by the immigration system. The exclusion of certain student categories from the new age cap extension has sparked debates about equality and fairness within the immigration framework. Advocates argue that all international students, regardless of their course type, deserve consideration for transitional arrangements, especially those who have invested significantly in their Australian education and anticipated post-graduation work opportunities in Australia.

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As policy adjustments continue to unfold, staying informed and engaged with the latest immigration news is crucial for navigating the changes effectively. Whether you’re an international student, a skilled migrant, or a potential sponsor, understanding these updates can help in planning your future in Australia more strategically.

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