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Australian Immigration News 4th December 23 ~ 5 New Updates in the Latest Australia Visa Updates


In today’s blog update, we will be talking about the following:

  • End of COVID-19 Concession Period
  • Employer-Sponsored Visas
  • Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 887)
  • Family Visas
  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa
  • Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Summary

Let’s continue our blog and talk in detail.

End of COVID-19 Concession Period:

The Australian Government, via the Department of Home Affairs, declared the closure of the COVID-19 concession period on 25 November 2023. As a result of pandemic-imposed travel restrictions and worsening business climate, many visa applicants were granted several reliefs. The lifting of international travel restrictions means that these concessions must stop to make way for a properly managed immigration system and avoid abuse of those concessions.


Employer-Sponsored Visas:

Effective from 25 November 2023, changes to ENS, RSMS, and TRT stream visa nominations. Temporary skill shortage (TSS) visa holders had worked with their sponsoring employer or in specific occupations for two out of the past three years. Work reductions due to COVID-19 will no longer count for work experience requirements. Age exemptions are also soon coming to an end.

Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 887):

As for concessions for subclass 887 visa that is applicable to the eligible skilled provisional visa holders, these are set out in the COVID-19 concession period. Presently, applicants must log in from within Australia and adhere to the normal working and regional residency criteria. Other temporary measures of this subclass of the visa also end in the termination of the concession period.

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Family Visas:

The place-based waivers were offered to some Family program visas in the COVID-19 period. Applicants of Partner or Child visas who have been in Australia at any stage in the duration of concession qualify for being granted a visa in the country. These arrangements in any case, do not cover applicants who were beyond the Australian border throughout the concession period.

Safe Haven Enterprise Visa:

The end of the COVID-19 concession period may not affect the Safe Haven Enterprise visa pathway program. Holders of this visa can access a permanent visa pathway option through the Resolution of Status (subclass 851) visa.

Temporary Graduate Visa:

All new applications for the Temporary Graduate Visa (TGV) program must now be submitted in Australia from 25 of November 2023. Nevertheless, subsequent entrant applications would still be filed from overseas and Australia respectively.


The latest changes to Australia’s immigration policy put an end to COVID-19 exemptions that apply to several visa categories such as employer-sponsored visas, skilled regional visas, family visas, business innovation visas, and graduate visas. These changes signify the return to normality after the pandemic on immigration matters.

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