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Australias New Policy 19000 Australian Permanent Visas for Refugees in Australia

Thousands of Refugees To Get Australian Permanent Visas

Great news for refugees in Australia, who have been living for years in the country through temporary visas. According to new rules, Australia will consider refugees eligible to permanently stay in the country. Today, let’s delve more into this topic.

About 19,000 individuals who had come to Australia before the commencement of the 2013 Operation Sovereign Borders will be included in these changes.

According to the announcement made last year by the center-left government, Temporary Protection and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas were promised to be abolished as they were considered to be cruel according to human rights groups.

Recently, Andrew Giles, the immigration minister stated that it made no sense to keep refugees in uncertain conditions.

Individuals who will be granted a new visa will hold the same rights as any other Australian permanent residents, and gain access to higher education support and welfare payments. Furthermore, they could also become citizens and be eligible to sponsor their relatives to Australia.

The director of advocacy at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Jana Favero stated recently that these new changes would bring a change to the lives of individuals who have been on temporary protection visas. This monumental change would help to rebuild their lives and receive the safety and permanency that they deserve.

The Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil however pointed out that asylum-seekers should not attempt to come to Australia by boat as they would not be permitted to stay if they did so.

The navy has been turning away or towing the boats of migrants who have attempted to reach Australian waters. These actions were conducted under the Operation Sovereign Borders much to the condemnation of this policy by rights groups.

However, lawmakers from the opposition have stated that these new changes would result in encouraging more asylum-seekers to come to Australia and create more opportunities for people smugglers.

Visit the official website of the Department of Home Affairs to read more information.

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