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Recent visa cap by Australia Subclass 476 Skilled Recognised Graduate Program ~ Australia Immigration News

The recent visa cap by Australia Subclass 476 Skilled-Recognised Graduate Program

Changes in Graduate Visa Program

The Australian government has conducted a major change in its immigration policy by capping the Subclass 476 Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa program. On 22 December 2023, no new applications in this visa category are being received. This decision marks a significant change in the way Australia handles its skilled graduate inflow.

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Effect on Current and Potential Applicants

However, for applicants with pending applications under this program, the government has a mechanism by which VAC can be repaid. These applicants will be given directions on how to file for a VAC repayment via their ImmiAccount. This action is important to help applicants who were already applying when the program was closed.

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Understanding the Subclass 476 Visa

A subclass 476 visa was created for recent engineering graduates, enabling them to live, work or study in Australia up to 18 months. The applicants must have attained a degree or higher qualification from a particular institution within the last two years and should be below 31 years. The program was designed to encourage young skilled professionals to come and contribute towards the Australian workforce.

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Broader Implications

The limiting of the Subclass 476 visa shows a more restrained strategy in immigration, with an emphasis on controlling the amount and quality of workers coming into Australia. Although it provides openings for competent engineering graduates, the recent cap suggests that immigration policies are being reviewed to make them compatible with national workforce requirements and economic objectives.

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The capping of the Subclass 476 Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa program marks a pivotal change in Australian immigration policy, particularly affecting young engineering graduates. This move underlines the government’s intent to balance the influx of skilled professionals with the country’s evolving economic and workforce requirements. For those impacted by this change, understanding the implications and seeking appropriate guidance is essential.

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