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The Medical Examination for Australian 186 Visa

The Medical Examination for Australian 186 Visa

The 186 visa, also referred to as the ENS Employer Nomination Scheme visa, is a route to permanent residence in Australia. One of the most important parts of this procedure is medical testing which often scares applicants off.


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Essential Aspects of the Medical Examination Procedure

Applicant Responsibilities: All applicants must inform truthfully of prior medical history and use the same panel physician should they seek treatment outside Australia.

Timing: Sometimes, health examinations can be undertaken prior to making the application. Applicants must visit the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website for further details​.

Additional Examinations: Whenever the situation alters (such as an application for a different visa subclass or extending the stay in Australia), additional tests can be arranged.

Significant Health Conditions: The opinion of the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth is withheld till when the visa application will be lodged in cases where there exists a major health condition.

Costs: The costs of the medical examination are borne by applicants and they can pay them directly to those panel physicians or clinics.

Booking an Appointment: Non- Australian applicants should ask the nearest panel physician. It is possible to book online in Australia through the Migration Medical Services Provider.

Required Documents: Get a copy of prescription spectacles or contact lenses, any specialist reports for known medical conditions, a valid original passport and other approved identification documents issued by the Department.

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Specific Tests Required

Permanent Visa Applicants: HIV testing is compulsory for every person older than 15 years. If applicants are under 15 years, HIV testing is mandatory if the applicant has been adopted, had a blood transfusion history or clinical signs.

Temporary Visa Applicants: Testing of HIV is normally not obligatory, except for particular populations or clinical conditions.

Specific Occupations: Doctor, dentist, nurse and paramedic applicants are required to undertake chest x-rays, medical examination as well test for HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

Options for Medical Examination

Before Applying: Use the MHD service for initial health examinations before submitting your visa application. On the other side, this does not apply if it is not listed or already applied for​.

After Applying: If visa subclass does not appear in MHD, wait until after application to undergo assessments.

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Importance of the Examination

Protecting Public Health: The assessment reveals potential health risks, enabling the reduction of infectious diseases spread.

Assessing Applicants’ Fitness: Makes sure that applicants are healthy and can contribute to the Australian economy without straining healthcare resources.

Meeting Visa Requirements: All 186 visa applicants are required to meet the eligibility requirements.

Preventing Future Complications: By detecting health issues early on, it helps that management is preventive.

Facilitating Smooth Processing: Medical exams must be completed in a timely manner and must be accurate so as to prevent visa processing delays.

Maintaining Transparency and Fairness: The standardization of examinations eliminates bias and ensures a uniform consideration for health issues.

Protecting Applicants’ Rights: Enables applicants to divulge health conditions upfront for appropriate treatment during visa evaluation.

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Legal Considerations

One should get legal counsel in cases of privacy issues, health discrimination instances misinterpretations of test results as well as unreasonable delays or repeated screenings. This could safeguard rights and promote fair and timely processing of the visa application.

In other words, the way in which applicants for 186 visa Australia understand and navigate through this medical exam process is a critical element. Through following the listed stipulations and procedures, the applicants are able to improve their chance of receiving a successful visa.

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