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New Policies Of Britain’s New Prime Minister – Liz Truss

The emphasis on policies would mostly be a work in progress for Truss as she took over the office during a tumultuous economic period. However, during the leadership campaign,  Britain’s new PM laid down a string of proposals and strategies for the government.

So, what are these proposals and which sectors are targeted? Let’s find out.

Immigration and Home Affairs

At the time of the campaign, Truss pledged to strengthen her commitment to the policies of the deportation of asylum seekers and other immigrants to Rwanda and to look for other countries that would accept them.

It is yet to be seen how practical this would be and if it would affect the numerous individuals who illegally cross the Channel, even if some of them did depart.

Truss would probably correlate any failure to remove individuals to the continued jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights. While detaching the UK entirely from its oversight would be complicated and problematic, she is likely to move forward with plans for a supposed UK bill of rights with less protection for asylum seekers and others.

The Cost of Living and Taxation

Truss’s direct economic emphasis is to slash taxes, a strategy she insists will restart a delayed economy and support people with skyrocketing energy bills. She has vowed the reversal of the recent increment in national insurance and to annul a scheduled incline in corporation tax at a combined cost of around £30bn a year. The prime minister’s team has also proposed cutting VAT by 5% or slashing income tax to aid household budgets.

The prime minister has stated that her plans would be reimbursed by fiscal headroom and stalled the repayment of debts related to COVID. However, critics have disputed that she will be required to borrow significant sums, possibly at expensive rates, at some expense to the economy. One alternative could be to extend a windfall tax on energy firms; however, Truss has stated her dislike of this option.

There is also substantial skepticism regarding a tax cut-based reaction to the crisis in energy costs, which would benefit high earners unequally and leave out individuals who rely on pensions or benefits. Truss has not excluded more immediate aid on energy bills but has declined to state precisely what this could be. She also spoke about her aversion to “handouts”.

Social Care & Health

Regarding her plans for the NHS and care, Truss has faced minor scrutiny,  particularly given the health service crisis and across-the-board anticipation that things would deteriorate in the winter.

While she stays determined to current plans to help the NHS, the issue remains that Truss has committed the reversal of the national insurance upgrade. This is aimed at delivering cash first to help remove the backlog of NHS procedures aggravated by COVID and, in the long run, to finance improved social care.

The majority of the problems with ambulance hold-ups are due to hospital beds being occupied by individuals unable to obtain social care. Truss will require a rational plan soon.

Brexit and Foreign Policy

It is possible for broader foreign policy to be more of the same. Since Truss has overseen this under Johnson, so anticipate more ardent support for Ukraine, also occasional blunders such as her recent refusal to comment whether the neighbouring and close ally French president, Emmanuel Macron is a “friend or foe”.

The prime minister has made much of her firmness over the Northern Ireland protocol, and her team has indicated that within days of setting foot at No. 10, she could trigger article 16, the emergency method clause in the post-Brexit deal with the EU.

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