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BIG NEWS Fast track Visa Applications   Australian Immigration Latest News 2023

Home Affairs Fast-Tracks Visa Applications

Currently, Australia has 1.9 million temporary work visa holders.

In the 2022-23 program year, Indian nationals were awarded 19840 skilled visas.

What’s important to note here is that visa processing for temporary skilled migrants in specific occupations has been fast-tracked by the Australian government. However, some visa holders don’t enjoy this luxury yet, which means they are unable to add stability to their lives.

According to the statistics provided by the Department of Home Affairs, nearly 14822 applicants’ visa applications for subclass 190 were pending on 17 February 2023. Don’t forget that the number of pending applications includes 5854 applications from Indian citizens.

As per a spokesperson for the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian government’s main priority is clearing the backlog of pending applications.

The spokesperson further added that the Department of Home Affairs is utilizing its global network of visa officers to process applications to help the government fulfill its goal of supporting economic recovery and tackling the issue of skills shortages.

In addition to this, the first assistant secretary of the Department of Home Affairs, Michael Willard, claims that more than 18000 regional visas for subclasses 187, 191. 491, 494, 487, 489, and 887 have been issued this year. This is quite impressive since only 8642 visas were granted last year around the same time.

Plus, he stated that the Department is busy clearing the backlog, which is affecting the processing times. But things will get better soon, as processing times for different types of visas are expected to become more stable.

He also said that there are 195000 places in the permanent program, and the Department is fully prepared to process every application efficiently.

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