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Genuine Student (GS) Assessment To Commence For All Student Visa Applications As of 23 March 2024

Genuine Student (GS) Assessment To Commence For All Student Visa Applications As of 23 March 2024

In December 2023, the Australian Government announced a New Migration Strategy introducing changes to the Student (subclass 500) Visa application process and evaluation criteria. Moreover, they declared the Genuine Student (GS) requirement to replace the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement.

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The goal of the current GTE and new Genuine Student (GS) requirements is to support the Department in evaluating if the student visa applicants:

  • Are entering Australia for genuine study purposes
  • Comply with the conditions imposed on their visas
  • Are overstaying their visa
  • Use the student visa system for temporary migration to Australia with motives other than study.

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The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria now require a personal statement accompanying the student visa application, highlighting the genuine circumstances of the applicant seeking study in Australia with relevant evidence (if available).

The student visa application will now include targeted questions under the Genuine Student (GS) guidelines. This change aims to ensure that the students sincerely intend to obtain quality education in Australia. These questions would include the following:

  • The applicants’ situation in their home country, including family, community, and employment commitments to the home country
  • Home country’s political and civil situation
  • Details of the applicant’s economic condition
  • The applicant’s potential situation in Australia, including family, community, or relationship commitments to Australia
  • The study details and the value of the selected course to the applicant’s future
  • Relevant study history in Australia
  • Relevant immigration history

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However, these additional queries do not replace the required supporting documentation for the visa application.

Furthermore, there are also changes to the student visa declaration. Now, all the applicants must confirm that:

  • They understand the meaning of being a genuine student intending to study in Australia
  • They have read and understood all the requirements of their visa conditions

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However, the applicants are bound to notify the Department of Home Affairs immediately of any changes in their circumstances.

These changes will be implemented for all applications lodged on or after March 23, 2024. Applications lodged before that date will be evaluated based on the existing GTE requirements. Additionally, the Student Guardian (subclass 590) Visa will continue to follow the GTE requirements.


Further Information and Assistance

The Department of Home Affairs will announce any additional information concerning these changes implemented on March 23, 2024.

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