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DHS To Increase H2 B visas for Seasonal Workers in 2024 USCIS News 2023

DHS To Increase H-2B visas for Seasonal Workers in 2024

DHS together with DOL has proposed to boost of H-2B visas in FY24 of seasonal workers. Another 64,716 H-2B extra temporary, non-agricultural worker visas would be made available as an addition to the 66,000 H-2B visas annually allotted by Congress.

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This is a deliberate move to meet increased demand for seasonal workers across the US in industries including tourism and hospitality; landscaping; and sea-food processing.

This new visa addition is geared towards solving the challenges faced by American business seeking seasonal workers as part of a wider strategy to mitigate undocumented migration. Additionally, this is the second year that DHS has used up the congressionally allowed annual limit of H–2B visas which demonstrates that this demand keeps rising in the USA.


Through this strategic move by the DHS and DOL, the government acknowledges that industry requires labour during peak demands in certain seasons; as a result, a formal route is provided for filling these needs legally and in an organized way.

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To conclude, the surge of H-2B visas for FY 2024 is indicative of the fact that seasonal workers are irreplaceable when it comes to assisting enterprises and the entire US economy.

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