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Desert Dreams Down Under UAE Residents Seek Greener Pastures in Australia

Desert Dreams Down Under UAE Residents Seek Greener Pastures in Australia

Amidst the circulation of rumors regarding the decline in Australian immigration opportunities, one trend is still flourishing. The residents of the UAE are steadily striving for permanent residency in Australia.

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Powered by Canada’s tremendous shortage of skilled workers (485,000), both countries are determined to pursue talent. Canada overstates innovative alternatives like the digital nomad strategy and the tech talent initiative, while Australia introduces the Skills in Demand Visa to furnish 800,000 job opportunities.


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These initiatives resonate with UAE residents, as the media reports consistent success stories regardless of the visa limitations. The media has been witnessing a rise in demand for Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany, presenting extraordinary opportunities.

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The trend is further consolidated by job fairs in the UAE, underscoring the country’s revolution into a worldwide recruitment hub. A UAE resident currently residing in Australia reflects this sentiment as he secured permanent residency, which opened doors to better opportunities for him.

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Moreover, affordability is also a vital factor for immigration. A lady who migrated to Canada via Express Entry, states that Express Entry provides a wide range of options.


The UAE is spotted as a crucial source nation in fulfilling Canada’s aim to receive 500,000 new residents by 2025, specifically through the Federal Skilled Worker Program, which doesn’t need a job offer or prior ties to Canada.

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However, Australia strongly focuses on skilled migration, as its golden visa program has ended recently.

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