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September 13, 2022

Child Visitor Visa For Under 18 Travellers

Greetings, once again welcome to another informative Blog. Today, we will be talking about the guidelines for an under 18 child travelling to the UK.

People who belong to countries that require a physical visa are required to apply for a visa before they travel to the UK. On the contrary, for individuals who don’t need a physical visa, need only explain their purpose of visit and provide evidence of travelling to the UK.

There Are A Few Conditions For A Visitor Under The Age Of 18 To Abide By:

  • Hold a written permission from the parent or guardian to be able to travel in the UK if travelling alone
  • Have appropriate arrangements for the travel and stay in the UK
  • Have enough money for the travel and the return journey.

Child Visitor Visa:

Can An Under 18 Child Travel Alone To The UK?

If a child is travelling without a parent or a guardian, then the person responsible for the child in the UK must consent to full responsibility of the child’s travel, reception, and care in the UK.

Read in detail here;

They must also account for the full contact details of the parent or guardian of the child, as well as the contact details of the person the child will be staying with. These conditions are more stern if the child is not staying with a close relative.

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