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Australia’s New Ministerial Direction 107 To Prioritise 2024 Student Visas

Australia’s New Ministerial Direction 107 To Prioritise 2024 Student Visas

In today’s blog, we bring a few updates for international students and their guardians in Australian immigration. We will be looking at the following:

– Australia prioritises Student Visas and Guardian Visas
– Top priority given to overseas visa applications
– Secondary applicants will receive similar priority as primary applicants


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With the aim of prioritising applications for student and student guardian visas, the Australian government signed a New Ministerial Direction. The processing priorities of the student and student guardian visa programmes are formalised through Ministerial Direction 107, which was signed on December 14, 2023. It builds on ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of the international education sector.

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Programmes and Applications by Ministerial Direction Given Top Priority

Clear priorities for various sectors within the student and student guardian visa programmes are outlined in the Ministerial Direction. However, top priority is given to student visa applications that are registered overseas by the following:

– School sector, postgraduate research sector, foreign affairs or defence sector applicants

– Higher education, English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

– Applicants in the Non-Award sector studying at an education with an evidence level of 1 and Vocational Education and Training (VET)

– All student guardian visa applications (lodged overseas or within Australia)

– Applications for entrance lodged away from Australia that include unmarried family members under 18 years of age

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Second Applicants To Receive Similar Priority as Primary Applicants

The second applicant will also receive similar priorities as the primary visa applicant. The second applicant could be the following:

– Spouse
– Dependent child
– De-facto partner

A point to be noted is that the secondary student visa applicant who did not make a combined application with the primary visa holder or applicant is considered a subsequent entrant.

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The Principal Course of Study Will Determine the Priority Order

If the primary applicant plans to enrol in two or more courses of study, the order of priority for an application will be decided by the principal course of study, which is the course with the highest level on the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This is also known as course packaging.

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