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Australia's New Immigration Policies A Path to Permanent Residency

Australia’s New Immigration Policies: A Path to Permanent Residency

Exciting news comes from the land down under, especially for skilled migrants who plan to build a new life in the country. Australia is bringing new opportunities through its latest immigration policies. Let’s find out all about them in this blog.

New Opportunities for Skilled Migrants

The Australian Government has brought essential changes to its immigration policy regarding skilled workers. Commencing November 25, 2023, these reforms aim at simplifying PR application processes while strengthening Australia’s pull for international skills acquisition.

What Are The Key Policy Adjustments?

Modifications on Visas

There have been substantial changes to the TRT stream of ENS (subclass 186) and TSS (subclass 482) visa subclasses. Specifically, the cap placed on the number of short term stream TST visas Australia wide will be removed.

Requirements for Nominations

There has been an amendment allowing employers to nominate individuals belonging to all TSS visa streams; this includes the Short-term and Labour Agreement streams. Furthermore, the selected job should appear on the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).


Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for the TRT stream, TSS visa holders must have worked in the nominated position / occupation for at least two of the three years prior to the nomination. This revision affects new ESS and RSMS applications as of November 25, 2023.

Age Exemptions

The TRT stream will amend exemptions on age for regional doctors, high income people over 45 years and introduce a pathway of 2 years.

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Australian Citizenship

Applicants should have spent at least four years in Australia on a valid visa, including a permanent or special category (subclass 444) visa, during the last twelve months preceding the application.


These new policies represent a major change in how Australia handles immigration and make it easier for someone to become a permanent resident. This assures employers as well as skilled workers that Australia is keen on building a skilled and diverse workforce​​.

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