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Australia's New Five Year Visas for Tourism and Business Australia Immigration News 2024

Australia’s New Five-Year Visas for Tourism and Business

In todays’ blog update, we’ll be talking about Australian Government announcement of Issuing Five-Year Visas tourism and business. We highly recommend you to read the full blog and share.

In a significant move to strengthen ties, China and Australia have announced a new visa arrangement, allowing each other’s citizens to obtain multiple-entry visas valid for up to five years. This new policy, effective from Friday, aims to facilitate tourism and business between the two nations.

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Background of the Visa Arrangement

This announcement follows a milestone visit by China’s Premier Li Qiang to Australia, signaling improving relations between the two countries. Previously, Chinese citizens could apply for visas valid for up to one year for visits to Australia, with up to ten-year visas available for frequent travelers.

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Changes in Entry Requirements

Since 2023, China has been gradually easing entry requirements for visitors from various countries to boost business and leisure travel, following three years of strict COVID-19 restrictions that largely closed its international borders. This new visa policy is a part of these ongoing efforts to promote international engagement.

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Waiver Scheme for Australians

During his visit to Australia, Premier Li Qiang also announced that China would include Australia in its visa-waiver scheme. This means Australians will be able to visit China for up to 15 days without needing a visa, further simplifying travel between the two countries.

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The introduction of five-year visas for Chinese and Australian citizens marks a new chapter in bilateral relations, making it easier for tourists and business professionals to travel and strengthen ties. This initiative reflects the commitment of both nations to foster closer connections and enhance mutual cooperation.

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