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Australia's Major Visa Program Overhaul


The government of Australia has taken a stance to improve the responsiveness and flexibility of its immigration policies. The government aims to transform the migration pathways according to the country’s economic requirements.

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On December 11, 2023, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil announced these changes, which would push the visa program into an overall modification and welcome the much anticipated reforms.


Skills in Demand Visa

The current 482 visa is to be phased out this year, while a new three-tiered approach towards temporary skilled migration will be launched in the form of a Skills in Demand visa.

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This visa would be valid for four years once granted and would be open to various skill levels. This would be good news and a great opportunity for skilled workers from CANZUK countries to contribute their skills to the Australian workforce.


Specialist Skills Pathway

This specific pathway, which prioritizes applicants with a salary of $135,000 or more, is quite noteworthy. Highly skilled individuals can especially benefit from the pathway, which offers a target of 7-day processing and a quick-entry into industries that are in need of specialised expertise.

The Specialist Skills Pathway is a great, streamlined process for CANZUK skilled workers in search of an ideal career destination. But you better apply quickly since only 3,000 places will be available every year.


The Core Skills & Essential Skills Pathways

If you fall under the salary range of $70,000 to $135,000, then the Core Skills Pathway could be for you. Or, if you are an aged-and disability-care worker who earns under $70,000, the Essential Skills Pathway could be ideal. These pathways showcase Australia’s determination to manage its requirement for diverse skills.

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The focus on improved mobility for visa holders is a major step forward towards development from the government. In addition, much-needed transparency is integrated through the public register of approved businesses that are eligible to sponsor immigrants. This system would support and uphold the accountability of CANZUK International’s advocacy and a well-regulated immigration process.

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More Changes

Australia’s determination to manage the evolving workforce requirements also includes the following steps:

– Extension on the Labour Market Testing (LMT) advertising period
– Eventual phase-out of LMT in exchange of the preferred data-driven updates to the Core Skills Occupation List

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Therefore, a streamlined immigration process that is in line with the shifting needs of the labor market will benefit CANZUK citizens.

Follow this space, as we will bring the latest updates on the above visa changes as soon as the Australian government announces them.

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