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Australia’s Limited Work And Rising Prices Hit International Students

Australia’s Limited Work And Rising Prices Hit International Students

The current policy changes and economic pressure are testing Australia’s allure as a prime destination for international students. A challenging environment has been created with the restoration of the 48-hour fortnightly work limit for international students and the increasing cost of living in the country.

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International students are stuck in a tight spot due to reduced work hours, limiting their affordability amidst rising prices. These circumstances force many to change their spending habits while picking more affordable shopping options to reduce non-essentials.

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The susceptibility of international students to underpayment further entangles this plight, with a notable portion earning wages below the national minimum. Besides ensuring the students focus on their studies, the work-hour cap also burdens their financial independence to balance academic commitments with living costs.

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The authorities are finding solutions to streamline these pressures, like the adjustment of interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia and government initiatives to reduce the cost of living. The circumstances of international students in Australia underscore the lack of a supportive framework enabling them to prosper academically without trading off their financial well-being. While Australia is cruising through these issues, the success of its education sector remains unstable, affecting more than 645,516 international students throughout the country.

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