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Australian Government Extends Visa Flexibility for Skilled Workers ~

Australian Government Extends Visa Flexibility for Skilled Workers

Starting July 1, 2024, the Australian government will implement new visa conditions to benefit temporary migrant workers. This change, announced by the Department of Home Affairs, aims to provide greater flexibility and support for skilled workers in the country.

New Visa Conditions for Skilled Workers

Under the new policy, eligible temporary migrant workers who leave their sponsoring employer will have up to 180 days, or a maximum of 365 days during their visa period, to find a new sponsor, apply for a different visa, or leave the country. This replaces the current 60-day period, offering more time for workers to secure their stay.

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Affected Visa Categories

The changes will apply to the following visa categories.

These updates aim to tackle worker exploitation and enhance productivity by providing greater job security and flexibility for migrant workers.

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Working with New Employers

Visa holders will be permitted to work for other employers, even in roles not listed in their latest approved sponsorship selection. However, they must terminate employment with their current sponsor first and continue working in their nominated occupation.

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Expert Advice on Recruitment and Retention

Taya Hunt, a partner with MinterEllison law firm, highlights the positive impact these changes will have on aged care providers. The new rules will allow onshore visa holders to be employed more quickly without waiting for sponsorship transfers. Hunt advises employers to improve their retention and recruitment policies to maintain their workforce effectively.

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The Australian government’s new visa flexibility rules, effective July 1, 2024, offer significant benefits to temporary migrant workers and their employers. By extending the period for finding new sponsors and allowing more flexibility in employment, these changes aim to improve the overall efficiency and satisfaction of the skilled workforce in Australia.

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