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Changes in Australia Skilled worker visa requirements to fill worker shortages

Australia Reforms Immigration Rules

The Australian government recently announced its reforms for the country’s immigration system to deal with critical labour shortages caused by the pandemic, which kept international workers away from the country for nearly 2 years.



Interestingly, the changes announced will present new opportunities for temporary visa holders to obtain permanent residency. Plus, they will enable various international students to continue working in the country for longer periods after graduation.



The government believes that the reforms will be in Australia’s best national interest and complement the skills and expertise of Australian workers.

Moreover, the government’s projections for net overseas migration into Australia for the fiscal year that ends in June have been increased to 400,000 arrivals from 235,00 forecasted in October.

Furthermore, net migration estimations for the next fiscal year were also changed to 315,000 from 235,000.

Don’t forget the surge came after Australian borders were reopened in March last year for international travel after 2 years of pandemic restrictions.

Australia continues to compete with countries, like Germany and Canada to attract more skilled migrants. It seems that the surge in demand was the result of an ageing population.

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