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Australia Is Banning Entry To Anyone Found Guilty Of Domestic Violence Anywhere In The World

Australia Is Banning Entry To Anyone Found Guilty Of Domestic Violence Anywhere In The World

Recently, Australia has augmented its immigration law to ban people guilty of domestic violence anywhere throughout the globe from getting an Australian visa. This change sends an intense message to domestic abusers globally, showing Australia has zero tolerance for culprits of violence against women and children.

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Australia has formerly banned American R&B singer Chris Brown and boxing star Floyd Mayweather from the country due to their domestic violence convictions. The ban now expands to include all foreign visitors or residents found guilty of violence against women or children.

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Moreover, using this rule, which came into effect on February 28, 2019, Australia intends to send a message to the perpetrators of domestic violence. The government may also remove convicted domestic abusers holding visas and residing in the country.

The Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs, David Coleman, stated publicly that Australia has no tolerance for perpetrators of violence and that the country would not welcome any criminal convicted of violence against women and children, regardless of the origin where the offense happened and the sentence adjudicated.

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While the ban intends to ensure Australia is a safer place, not everyone is on the same page.


Coleman further added that they have made Australia a safer place by canceling the visas because these crimes impose prolonged trauma on their victims and their friends and family. So, these criminals are not welcome in the country.

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