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Australian Immigration Update Introducing the MATE Visa

Australia Introduces MATES Visa and Debates on the 485 Visa Age Limit

This blog discusses the recent developments in Australian immigration, the proposal of the new MATES visa, and intense debates on the 485 visa age limit.

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The New MATES Visa

The Australian government has introduced the new Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES) visa, to be launched in late 2024. This move targets to reinforce the bond between India and Australia by enabling up to 3,000 Indian university graduates and early-career professionals to live and work in Australia for up to two years. This visa was developed to provide valuable employment experience in their field of competency and encourage cultural and professional exchange.

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485 Visa Age Debate

The 485 visa age requirement has triggered a heated controversy, targeting the decision to lower the upper age limit from 50 to 35. This proposal has raised concerns among international students and graduates who consider it a broken promise by the government, impacting their intentions and goals to work in Australia post-study. This debate has attracted the mainstream media, underscoring the situation for those over 35 who may be ruled out from acquiring the visa instead of their contributions and the shortfall of skilled workers in multiple sectors.

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