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Net migration to Australia soars to its highest ever

Australia Hits Record 400,000 Net Migration

Official statistics confirm that Australian net migration has grown to nearly 400,000 people in the previous 12 months following the return of backpackers and international students.



It is safe to say that Australia’s net migration has reached its highest level than ever in the past year. It is expected to exceed the initial projection of the government for the next 12 months.



However, the net intake will still be below the levels predicted before COVID-19, which halted international travel unexpectedly.

Interestingly, Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil discussed the idea of overhauling the Australian immigration system, claiming that she is not interested in building a ‘big Australia.’

On the other hand, statistics indicate a two-year acceleration in net migration over the initial predictions prior to stabilization.

Don’t forget net overseas migration (NOM) is expected to be 315,000 this year, which is lower than the estimates for 2019-20. Plus, it is not expected to return to pre-pandemic projections until 2030.

Moreover, Clare O’Neil recently spoke at the National Press Club, where she said that the government never intended to include more people.

She further added that Australia continues to fail to attract the right people via its migration system to help the country overcome various major national issues.

Retaining highly qualified and talented international students was also discussed since the review confirmed that they had to incur a complex and time-consuming visa process after graduating.

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