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Australia Announces Increase in Application Fees and High Income Threshold

Australia Announces Increase in Application Fees and High-Income Threshold

Australia has recently implemented significant revisions to its visa policies, effective July 1, 2024, impacting Australian visa application fees and income thresholds. These changes mark a crucial shift in Australia’s immigration landscape, affecting various visa categories and eligibility criteria.

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Explore these updates to understand the implications for your visa applications and ensure compliance with the latest Australian immigration regulations and financial thresholds.


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Increased Visa Application Fees.

The Australian government has raised application fees across various visa types, including:

These fee increases also extend to Australian citizenship applications and Administrative Appeals Tribunal reviews related to visas, sponsorship, and nominations.

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Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT) Adjustment.

In conjunction with visa fee hikes, the Fair Work Commission has elevated the Fair Work High Income Threshold (FWHIT) from AUD 167,500 to AUD 175,000. This adjustment affects employees over 45 years old seeking exemption from age requirements for permanent visas based on income thresholds. Those previously exempt may now need to meet the new FWHIT to maintain eligibility.

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These updates underscore Australia’s evolving visa landscape and the financial considerations applicants must now navigate. Stay informed to ensure your visa applications align with the latest regulations and thresholds.

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