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Australia cracks down on visa hopping by international students, tightens rules starting July 1

Australia announces an end to “visa hopping”

In today’s blog update. We’ll be discussing the recent updates announced by Australian Government regarding the Closing Loopholes in Australia’s Visa System. So we highly suggest you to watch the full video till the end.

The Australian government has announced a significant shift in its visa policy, effectively ending the practice of “visa hopping” among visitors and temporary graduate visa holders. Starting July 1, individuals on a visitor visa in Australia will no longer have the opportunity to switch to a student visa while remaining in the country. This decision, outlined by Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil on June 12, aims to strengthen the integrity of the Australian migration system by preventing the exploitation of existing visa pathways.

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Ending Onshore Visa Transitions

The new policy specifically targets the path from visitor to student visa, which has seen over 36,000 applications in the fiscal year 2023-2024 alone. This change is part of a broader strategy to ensure that the migration system aligns more closely with Australia’s economic and demographic goals, without relying on the permanent reduction of migration numbers. Temporary graduate visa holders will also face similar restrictions, as they will no longer be able to apply for student visas while onshore.

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Implications for International Students and Graduates

These changes are expected to impact the dynamics of Australia’s higher education sector, which is already preparing for the implementation of enrolment caps on international students. Additionally, recent adjustments to temporary graduate visas—such as reduced post-study work rights and tightened age and language requirements—further reflect Australia’s tightened control over its migration and education systems.

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Strategic Migration Management

According to Home Affairs Minister O’Neil, these measures will help manage population growth more effectively than cutting the permanent migration intake. The government’s approach aims to reduce net overseas migration significantly by the next financial year, emphasizing a migration system that benefits Australia’s needs without the downsides of misuse and exploitation.

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