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Australia Announces 1,800 Visas For International Workers

It seems that a total of 1,800 Indian chefs and yoga instructors will be granted visas with a validity of four years because of the Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) between India and Australia which came into effect on 30 March.



According to the treaty document, temporary entry of up to 4 years will be given to a total of 1,800 qualified and professional Indian chefs and yoga instructors entering Australia as Contractual Service Suppliers of India.

For those unaware, the ECTA was signed last year in December. The trade agreement between the two countries is expected to increase the bilateral trade of India with Australia from $31 billion to over $45-50 billion in five years.

What Will Happen Under The Treaty?

For starters, Australia will make arrangements to streamline the application process for a Work and Holiday visa for approximately 1,000 eligible Indian nationals between the ages of 18 and 30 years. As a result, eligible applicants will be able to come to Australia for a year and seek short-term employment or indulge in educational endeavours. Don’t forget Australia has the same agreement with 47 other countries since it proves increasingly helpful in filling the gaps in the country’s labour markets.

In addition to this, there are clauses in the treaty to help 100,000 Indian students in obtaining post-study work visas for a maximum of four years on a reciprocal basis.

According to the treaty, both countries are obliged to recognize professional qualifications mutually. A Mutual Recognition Agreement between India and Australia in various occupations, including nursing and architecture, is expected to help qualified workers migrate to either of the two countries smoothly.

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