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8 easy steps to get your Australian Student Visa

8 Easy Steps To Get Your Australian Student Visa

This blog is a step-by-step guide for acquiring an Australian Student Visa successfully on your first application attempt. It explains everything you need to know, including the visa application process, the required documents, and the English language requirements.

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Step 1: Get Evidence of English Language Proficiency

The first and foremost requirement for international students to obtain a student visa is to clear an English language proficiency test (IELTS). You can enter Australia after clearing IELTS, as it is acceptable ELP evidence for migration purposes.

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Step 2: Apply To An Education Provider in Australia And Get A CoE

Before applying for a student visa (subclass 500), make sure you have the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) from an Australian educational institution. To get this CoE, you must accept an offer letter from a university and pay the course’s tuition fees. In return, the university will send you an electronic CoE to apply for an Australian student visa.

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Step 3: Create An Account With The Australian Immigration Authorities

For a trackable visa application, you should apply online for an Australian visa. Start by creating your account on the official website of the Department of Home Affairs.

Required Documents To Apply For A Student Visa

Here’s a list of the documents you’ll need for your visa application:

  • The CoE from an Australian university.
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), a health insurance for international students.
  • Your passport.
  • Proof of Temporary Stay: You must demonstrate a temporary stay in Australia with proof, such as employment proof or a letter from your school.

However, suppose the need arises to furnish additional documents. In that case, you can always refer to the official website of the Department of Home Affairs.

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Step 4: Complete The Visa Application Online

We recommend that international students apply for a Subclass 500 Australian student visa at least six weeks before the course commences.

Step 5: Pay The Visa Fee And Get A TRN

After you’ve completed your application online, you now need to pay a fee of $650 plus a credit card fee, which is non-refundable in cases of visa rejections. You can now submit your visa application and get a Transaction Reference Number (TRN), which helps track applications.

Step 6: Possible Health Check-Up And Interview

Sometimes, you’re required to complete a health check and an interview. This information is received after you complete your visa application.

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Step 7: Your Visa Decision

It takes up to a couple of weeks to know the outcome of your visa application submission for a Student Visa (subclass 500). However, the quality of your application can affect this; for example, a mistake on your application can cause delay or rejection. The duration of the decision also depends on how busy the Australian immigration authorities are.

You will receive an email once your student visa application is processed. We suggest you print your electronic visa grant letter and keep it along with your passport while travelling to Australia.


Step 8: Travel To Australia

Now that you have your visa, you can easily reserve seats to travel to Australia. Have a safe journey!

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on Australian immigration.


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