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Group members cannot circulate messages that are illegal, dangerous to national security, violate IT laws or are objectionable. Group admin don’t want such content and are not responsible for it.If you join the group it means you are willing to share your contact number in public, any one can message or call you. If you have any privacy concerns immediately leave the group or do not join this group. If you are sharing or posting any thing in the group you alone will be fully responsible for the post you shared or posted. Any thing shared or posted in the group will be shared by group members and admin with other groups and people in public without your permission therefore do not post any thing for that you have any kind of privacy concerns. Group admin keeps the right to remove any group member at any time without any intimation or reason.

The creators, admins and officials of this Whatsapp groups are not and will not be held responsible for any content on this group which is deemed to be inappropriate, defamatory, insulting, incorrect or in any other way legally actionable. This includes content which may be racially offensive or of a sexually offensive nature. We hereby indemnify and distance ourselves from such content. We are ultimately not responsible for content posted by users without our prior consent or permission or approval. Users are responsible for their own conduct and the content which they post. By voluntarily entering this group and by not removing yourself from this group you place yourself under the posted rules and guidelines of this group regularly posted by the admins and officials of this group. Users who transgress the stated rules of this group will be removed as soon as humanly possible (or as soon as it is brought to our attention). You should not take anything you see or hear or read on this group as legal advice or professional guidance. You should verify any information given here for yourself first before acting on it. This group exists for information purposes only. These terms are not negotiable and by remaining a member of this group you agree to such terms.

Furthermore, we will never ask you to submit your travel documents, personal IDs or any eductional document for the purpose of Immigration process. We only share Immigration updates published on the official Government Websites. If any group member is apprached by a scammer claiming to be one of US then please block that individual immediately. Our team will never contact you and offer services in exchange of money. If you end up getting scammed, we will not be held accountable.

Protect Yourself from Scams

If you do not agree please exit the group immediately.