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September 11, 2023

UK’s New Proposal Could Force Illegal Migrants with Electronic Tagging

Hello all! In a recent blog we mentioned that UK has plans to electronic tag asylum seekers.

Today let’s look into it a bit further. So stay tuned.

UK’s New Approach of Electronic Tagging Channel Migrants

In an attempt to control the inflow of English Channel migrants, a new proposal has come to light from the Home Office. It’s electronic tagging.

Now, this measure was actually suggested last year. However, Rishi Sunak now aim to bring down unauthorised entries and immigration issues through this method.


Electronic Tagging with Real-Time GPS Tracking

Yes, you heard that right. The electronic tags given out to the migrants arriving from boats will include real-time GPS tracking. There also will be mandatory reporting of their location multiple times a day.

They can report in-person to immigration officers or simply through text messages. If they even try to remove or tamper the tag their right to bail will be immediately withdrawn and they could also lose the right to remain in the UK.

The Capacities of Detention Centres

If you’ve been following our updates, you must be familiar that accommodation has been an ongoing issue. With the increasing number of migrants, detention centres have been struggling with limited space.

So, now officials are in search of alternate options so that illegal migrants who are unable to be detained won’t simply disappear.

What Does The Public Think of This?

Some do think of it as a practical solution for this ongoing issue. There are some especially the left-wing campaigners who have named this method “draconian”. They say that this is an unjustly treatment towards people who come to the UK expecting refuge.

In a nut shell, while UK struggles with the immigration challenges, the new electronic tagging proposal further highlights the complications of the situation.

Only time would tell us if this proposal would become a permanent solution or other humane options will be considered.

That’s all from us for today. Stay tuned for more UK immigration updates by subscribing to our newsletter. Thanks for reading out today’s update.

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