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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit


Priti Patel UK Home Secretary has said that she’s intending on applying tougher rules around the United Kingdom work permit and immigration visas for England, irrespective of whether a Brexit deal goes through.


Ms. Patel has constantly backed tougher rules for matters like the tier 2 work permit salary cap, and she states that she will be taking control of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a change to United Kingdom immigration benchmarks in the future.

Boris Johnson, United Kingdom Prime Minister has previously established that he will be completely redrafting the immigration laws of the United Kingdom work permit and visa structure as part of his first speech in his new career. The United Kingdom home secretary has long-established that she is currently in the development of authorizing the migration advisory committee (MAC) to assess a new Australian-style points system.

Priti Patel noticed that the present migration system has granted the United Kingdom to give immediate rights of access to the European Union. Nevertheless, in the future, she have faith that the United Kingdom should have more power over who they offer British Naturalisation as well. She believes that this fundamental adjustment in regulations will benefit the business to draw more experienced and capable employees from across the globe.

Although Ms. Patel demands that a new skilled-based tactic, with limits on earning for the tier 2 work permit will improve the United Kingdom’s economy, on the other hand, other political parties oppose and think that these new guidelines will make it tougher for several segments to get hold of the capable employees that they urgently need.

When debating the ability of the new regulations for United Kingdom visas, Boris Johnson stated that he thinks that immigration is vital to the development of the United Kingdom. Then again, he also believes that the immigration system which the United Kingdom at present has in place requires a massive modification.


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