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From 29 March, 2019 United Kingdom visa fees throughout the categories will increase in agreement with new rules approved in Parliament on 7 March. The fee rises come along with a chain of modifications to United Kingdom immigration rules involving the Tier 2 and Tier 1 visa types. The changes have been labelled as some of the major to United Kingdom immigration policies for various years.

The main modifications to United Kingdom visa fees have an effect on above-basic and fast-track United Kingdom Visa and Immigration services international visitors and the EU settlement scheme.

The memo issued by the government stated: “Most of these modifications will be in place from 29 March, 2019; with alterations to the Border Force above-basic services and Fast-Track from 1 July, 2019, the fee exclusion for Afghan Locally Employed Staff from 06 April, 2019 and EU Settlement Scheme from 30 March, 2019.”

The main visa fee increases include:

  • A £24 increase in the cost of a 10-year, long-term visit visa from £798 to £822.
  • A £19 upsurge in the fee for a five-year, long-term visit visa from £636 to £655.
  • A £2 increase in the fee of a six-month short-term visit visa from £93 to £95.
  • An £11 upsurge in the fee of a two-year, long-term visit visa from £350 to £361.
  • A £4 fee increase for Academic Visitor and Private Medical Treatment visas from £186 to £190


  • The cost for the overseas optional Priority Visa – Non-Settlement service has been placed at £220.


Priority Services has various fee upsurges which includes:

  • An £8 increase for out-of-country Priority Visa (General) services from £212 to £220.
  • A £23 upsurge for the in-country Priority service from £477 to £500.
  • A £190 increase for in-country, Super Priority services from £610 to £800.


Increments in the United Kingdom Visa Fee for other visa types

In addition to fee increases across UK visitor visa categories and priority services, the Home Office outlined a number of other cost increases, including:

  • Electronic Visa Waiver fee from £15 to £30 with a £15 rise.
  • A rise of £1.30 for Border Force Fast-Track service at Heathrow Terminals 2, 3 and 4 from £3.90 to £5.20.
  • An increment in the present £53.08 hourly rate for Border Force ‘above-basic services’ in June, with dual additional fees coming into effect – a cost of £57.33 has been set to signify administrative operations provided, comprising facilities to other government departments; while additional cost of £77.40 has been set to suggest the amplified premium nature of commercial based services.

Latest fees for the United Kingdom innovator and start-up visas, which substitute the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) and Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) categories. Charges for the new visas will be ready at the similar cost as the visas they are substituting, primarily.

A new cost of £244 related to entry clearance for the Bailiwick of Jersey under their new Temporary Seasonal Work Permit measures. The visa cost is the identical as that which will be charged under Tier 5 in the United Kingdom, for the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Pilot.


Tier 2 visa fee frozen.

In spite of various upsurges throughout number of visa types, cost for Tier 2 visa applications will stay unchanged at their present fee, the Home Office stated. The memo by the government stated: ‘Visa Fees under the sponsorship route have been held since April 2015.’

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