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After you have attained the Spouse Visa/Marriage Visa or Unmarried Partner visa the visa is provided to you for a 30 month period.

You can apply for extension 28 days before the visa ends.

After you have fulfilled 5 years in the United Kingdom, you can apply for ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain in the United Kingdom, on condition that you go through the obligations under Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules and also complete the English language and Life in the UK test obligations.

If you are already in the United Kingdom on another visa subsequently you can apply to shift to United Kingdom Spouse Visa. After you are permitted United Kingdom spouse visa you can live with your wedded partner and you are permitted to work or study in the United Kingdom throughout your stay in the United Kingdom.

Make sure to apply for an extension before your present United Kingdom spouse visa runs out, or else, you will have to depart from the United Kingdom.


Spouse Visa Extension Requirements


The applicant will have to meet specific obligations for the United Kingdom spouse visa to obtain a visa extension effectively. The requirement includes:

Financial Requirement

You are required to demonstrate that you and your spouse can fulfil the financial obligations and would not need any access to public funds. As you are permitted to get employment in the United Kingdom on United Kingdom spouse visa, so you can definitely use your salary if you are employed and adding up to that your partner’s earnings will be enough to meet all your financial obligations. You can also add your funds and other incomes like leasing income from properties or allowance etc. You must deliver proofs as support to demonstrate all this.

Necessities for Living Together

Separately from fulfilling financial obligations you are also required to demonstrate proofs to the United Kingdom Home Office – that you along with your partner have been residing together in the United Kingdom. To show this you can submit credentials like council tax bills, bank statements, utility bills etc. which are addressed to both mutually or entries in each of your names. These backup credentials should be including 2 years before your visa extension date.

Time Restrictions for stay outside the United Kingdom

Even though the United Kingdom Home Office does not force any time limitation that you should not spend outside the United Kingdom during your stay in the United Kingdom on the present United Kingdom spouse visa, then again, what they do need to be pleased with the information that you and your partner plan to live as one. But if you need to apply for nationalization afterwards then you must prevent exhausting over 90 days on an average in any 12 months.

Please note that requirements may amend rendering to conditions of the applicant and the obligations mentioned in this blog are not full.

If you require professional assistance and guidance for your United Kingdom Spouse Visa Extension please comment below.



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