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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit


Priti Patel, UK  Home Secretary guarantees points-based system.

The Home secretary has promised to “take back control” of Britain’s frontiers by eliminating the free movement of people “once and for all” post Brexit.

“As an alternative, we will commence an Australian-style points-based immigration system,” the home secretary informed representatives at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester.

She further stated that this will entice the finest and smartest, while staying under the influence of the British government.

This system was suggested by Prime Minister Boris Johnson this year.

“What I would desire to do is ask the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to examine deeply at the Australian-style points-based system,” he mentioned in the Tory leadership campaign trail earlier this year.

So will the United Kingdom implement a points based system – or another immigration system completely?

Impact of points-based system

United Kingdom anti-immigration campaigners  has mentioned that the Australian system is an operational method to decrease net migration – a target assured but not presented by the Conservative governments since the year 2010.

According to BBC, migrants who desire to seek employment in Australia “usually want to be in an profession that is in demand”. Applicants are “allocated points based on a sum of professional and personal descriptions, with greater points given for more anticipated traits”.

The Home secretary mentioned that, the points-based system suggested by the United Kingdom government would be “one that functions in the greatest benefits of Britain. One that appeals and greets the greatest and the finest. And one that is under British government’s control.”

Initiating a new system directly after the Brexit will be tremendously challenging. “Assuming a rule may one way or another be formulated and applied, the United Kingdom labour market may still require time to accustom to the new system”.

If the European Union and United Kingdom attain a deal, European Union nationals will be exposed to the similar rules as those that currently apply to non-UK and non-EU nationals. The European Commission is presently notifying European Union citizens that “Post Brexit, you will be exposed to United Kingdom immigration law”.


Theresa May government’s policy

In the year 2018, The UK Home Office stated that, Theresa May, then-prime minister wanted to implement a brand new immigration system from January 2021 that would help “skill and ability over nationality”.

The new policy was supposed to be operational until the year 2025 and was “known to have been invented as a safety regulator after industries and some government ministers cautioned stemming low-skilled labour from Europe would harm the UK economy”.

Labours from the European Union and other parts could be to arrive into Britain as long as they earn a minimum salary threshold.

After Theresa May’s departure, that scheme “seems to have been outmoded by Johnson’s commitment to present an “Australian-style” points-based system”.


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