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NET migration statistics published by the ONS for the year ending September 2018 are severe reason for worry. At present stretching at approximately over 300,000 per year, the statistics confirmed in general over 600,000 individuals coming to the UK in the year, comprising over 80,000 British, 200,000 EU citizens and over 330,000 non-EU citizens.

Non-EU net migration is a record since the year 2004, with over 260,000 non-EU migrants arriving into the UK than departing. Non-EU student arrival is at its peak since the year 2011. In the meantime EU migration is still totting up to the population in general – in spite of Brexit it has by no means dried up, never the less it has dropped to its bottom level since the year 2009. A sum of over 55,000 EU nationals came to the UK than depart in the year ending September 2018.


However being nowhere close its goal of decreasing net migration to the tens of thousands, assured for years, the Government continues remarkably confident. Immigration minister Caroline Nokes is glad that ‘the UK was enduring to appeal and keep highly skilled workers, including doctors and nurses’, while promising us that the Government is ‘dedicated to measured and justifiable migration’. On the other hand we’d be silly to take her promise that ‘as we leave the EU, our new immigration policy will provide us complete control over who arrives in to the UK for the first time in years, while allowing companies to have access to the talents they require from around the world’ as entailing migration will be cut.

Furthermore, as Lord Green of Deddington, chairman of Migration Watch UK, has stated: ‘Non-EU net migration has emerged to more than a quarter of a million even before the government has applied its plans to undo the work permit system.’


For someone in demand of additional explanation as to the importance of this, Alp Mehmet, vice-chairman of Migration Watch, brought it out in TCW before Christmas. Examining the Government’s much- anticipated post-Brexit Immigration White Paper, he reckoned that if applied it will direct to a strategy that is expected to see immigration, comprising low-skilled workers, go up, not down.

He stated that: ‘The grouping of the extending of the skill level, beginning the path to the whole planet, elimination of precautions for UK workforces and ending of the limit on highly-skilled work permits, might  well be realized in the future as a very dangerous blunder.’


Merely after 48 hours of the publication of the latest migration statistics, it was testified that record numbers of kids will be losing out on their favored secondary schools. Only because of severe scarcity of school seats. This is the sixth successive year that need for places has increased, a condition that is about to turn into even further puzzling. The number of students in secondary schools is likely to surge by approximately 400,000 over the coming seven years, that’s on top of the additional 825,000 school places produced since the year 2010. What are their plans for the following years if immigration remains at this level, let us know in the comments section below.


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