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boris johnson new viisa rules post brexit


Regardless of previous promises, the United Kingdom Government has backed off and notified charities that funding will now be discontinued in the occurrence of a no-deal Brexit.


A no deal Brexit will observe hundreds and thousands of asylum seekers and refugees dragged into hardship after a funding reversal from the United Kingdom Government.

Aid organization operating to help asylum seekers and refugees at present obtain millions of pounds of support from the European Union to aid individuals who have escaped suffering, violence and war to reconstruct their existence in protection in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand regardless of having earlier guaranteed service contributors that it would fund European backing, the United Kingdom Government has changed their mind and notified organisations that help from the European Union’s asylum, migration and integration support will now be discontinued in the occurrence of Brexit with no-deal.

The step denotes that European Union aided services aiding refugees and asylum seekers in United Kingdom attain homes, jobs, healthcare, financial support and school places for their kids will no longer be supported, regardless of billions of pounds being assured to guarantee other European Union schemes in the United Kingdom.

CEO of Scottish Refugee Council, Sabir Zazai, stated: “We are stunned and furious about this U-turn of pledges offered to us by the United Kingdom Home Office in the year 2018.

“Refugee integration services are an asset in all of our prospects. When migrants feel settled and associated and able to put roots down in a location everyone in the community subsidies.

“Our team works vigorously day by day to aid migrants feel at home here in in the United Kingdom. To help individuals survive with the anxiety and apprehension of a life deracinated and interrupted and to encourage migrant’s hope to build a new life in protection here.

“That’s why this subsidy is so essential. We are a charity, we don’t make a revenue or pay for stockholders. But we do initiate our subsidy go a long way to assist the migrants who require. The United Kingdom Government is bullying our important services and the individuals we care intensely about as part of a Brexit with no-deal that sets so many of our rights at jeopardy.”

The United Kingdom Home Office guidance currently mentions that only schemes which ensured funding straight from the European Commission will gain from the assurance.

The United Kingdom Home Office further says it is undertaking actions to make sure it can manage funding to concerned projects from 1st November, 2019.

A Spokesperson from the United Kingdom stated: “The United Kingdom Government has assured subsidy for associations that effectively offer directly to the European Commission for Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

“We are dedicated to operational integration. In February 2019 we circulated the Integrated Communities Action plan and devoted to work with civil society and others to upsurge integration support for all refugees and asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Our emphasis is on assisting refugees and asylum seekers with wellbeing, employment, English language and entrepreneurship.”


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